Middle School Curriculum

OK, Inc.’s YOURFUTURE—ONTHELINE relationship education curriculum (formerly For Keeps) is available for students in fifth through eighth grades. The YOURFUTURE—ONTHELINE™ curriculum was one of the first in the country to achieve behavioral change with sexually active youth. The curriculum underwent an independent evaluation by the Center for Health Promotion at Case Western Reserve University through the direction of Elaine Borawski, Ph.D. The findings were published in the American Journal of Health Behavior in September 2005. Males who were sexually active before participating in OK, Inc.’s program reduced their number of partners in comparison to a control group of students who did not participate in the program.

The YOURFUTURE—ONTHELINE middle school curriculum inspires young teens to identify dreams, pursue goals, and address challenges to healthy relationships, like alcohol and drug use, sexual activity, bullying, and dating violence. The students learn the necessity of developing strong character qualities to achieve healthy friendships and romantic relationships in the future. The program also equips students with skills necessary to resist unhealthy influences from their peers, the media, and the culture. Through fun, interactive, and age-appropriate activities, students discover that their future is—ONTHELINE.

The program incorporates a bi-annual magazine that highlights middle school-aged youth making a difference in their communities. The magazine encourages students to understand their self-worth and how to navigate the typical stresses of adolescence. The publication is distributed to over 20,000 students. Each issue includes a discussion guide for teachers and parents to continue the conversation at school and home.


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