High School Program

OK, Inc.’s represent® high school relationship education program challenges students to understand that—Decisions Determine Destiny. Students are encouraged to Stand Up and Speak Out for a future free of alcohol and drugs, sexual activity, bullying, and dating violence. The program is sought after by schools because it is fun, highly visual, and interactive. Through the program, students evaluate the benefits of pursuing positive life sequencing—education, college or technical school, marriage, and then children. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively communicate with the necessary assertiveness to develop healthy and conflict-free relationships.

The program incorporates a magazine that features teens willing to Stand Up and Speak Out−defining their generation. The publication is distributed three times per year. While emphasizing relevant issues, resistance skills, budgeting, and job readiness, the publication also provides a parent/teacher discussion and resource guide to foster communication and resolve by the teen and/or their parents to seek help when needed.

I had OK, Inc.’s program when I was in high school. When I became a teacher, I brought the program to my school because many of my students lack role models. The program has really opened my students’ eyes to what should and should not be happening in their relationships. I have seen many “ah-ha” moments from my students while they are being educated on how to have a positive, healthy relationship. Relationship education is about making the right choices and figuring out who you are as a person and how to act in society.

Stephanie Moisio (Bedford High School—classroom teacher)


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