Equine Assisted Learning Project

OK, Inc.’s DREAM CHASERS summer camps can be expanded to include a hands-on experience with horses. The DREAM CHASERS™  project is the only program in the country that has incorporated risk avoidance education and equine assisted learning. Youth identify their dreams and the obstacles that may get in the way of achieving those dreams.

The camps focus on building the students’ resilience and are designed to heighten their awareness of the necessity of establishing boundaries; releasing pain, disappointments, and grief; and saying no when they mean no and yes when they mean yes. They learn—the Bigger the Dreams, the Bigger the Boundaries. How big are your dreams?

Equine Assisted Learning addresses potential exposure to trauma to promote healing. OK, Inc.’s DREAM CHASERS™ Equine Assisted Learning project is facilitated by Dr. Mary Malek.

I plan to put sex outside my no-risk zone to protect my dreams.
(15-year-old girl from the Juvenile Justice Center)