OK, Inc. offers a variety of publications to support its mission:


represent® High School Magazine

represent® teen magazine is OK, Inc.’s cutting edge publication for high school students. The magazine is offered three times each school year: fall, winter, and spring. The publication features teens that are standing up and speaking out for their generation. To keep the magazine relevant and culturally sensitive, youth are asked to participate in the selection of the topics included in each issue. The magazine touches on pertinent teen issues, but emphasizes relationships, communication, and assertiveness skills to help them build healthy relationships. In addition, frequently asked questions during classroom presentations are highlighted and answered in the column “Ask Brock, Ask Jen.”

represent® Magazine


Middle School Magazine

YOUR FUTURE—ON THE LINEis OK, Inc.’s publication for middle school students. The magazine is offered two times each school year: fall and spring. The publication features pertinent issues facing today’s middle school students. It includes a teacher/parent discussion tool. The magazine focuses on the development of healthy relationships, while reinforcing positive youth development through an emphasis on self-expression and esteem. In addition, the magazine highlights the lives and accomplishments of local youth.

YourFuture-OnTheLine™ Magazine


DIRECTIONS E-newsletter

DIRECTIONS™ e-newsletter is targeted to the adult community with specific content for parents, guardians, and school personnel. Topics correspond with those covered in represent® and YOUR FUTUREON THE LINE™ magazines.

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