Who We Serve

OK, Inc. has served youth, parents, teachers, and community partners for over 25 years.  Currently, OK, Inc. provides programming to more than 20,000 middle and high school students annually.

We have always maintained an “invitation only” policy when serving schools. This policy has led to tremendous support in each school that we serve.

If we are not currently in your school and you would like us to come, please contact us at ok@operationkeepsake.com or 330-486-0602.

In addition to serving over 130 schools, OK, Inc. has formed a community partnership to educate, train, and offer networking opportunities for the youth-serving community organizations.  When families break down or fail to form in the first place, problems result that adversely affect everyone: the nation, communities, individuals, but most profoundly children.  The community partnership has identified four risk behaviors that affect youth:  alcohol, drugs, sexual activity, and violence (bullying, dating abuse, and gangs).  The community partners are working together to help youth avoid these identified risk behaviors that most commonly prevent them from graduating from high school and reaching their fullest potential.


Community Partners

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